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5 New Cycling Safety Products for 2017

It’s that time again when we check in to see the innovations released for the cycling community over the past year. We have some exciting “firsts” that can help increase the visibility of cyclists and enable motorists to better predict our next moves. Further, new tire technology can help you ride smooth and keep riding [...]

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OC Register: An Orange County Social Media stunt has Bicyclists on edge

Tony Petros has seen a lot as a cyclist and former Newport Beach city councilman. But he’s not likely to forget a recent Wednesday evening ride on Pacific Coast Highway by Mariner’s Mile, when a pickup truck jumped from the leftmost lane and toward his bicycle. “Young kids started screaming (‘butt dart’) at me,” Petros [...]

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Watch out for these 7 symptoms of heat stroke

Heat stroke occurs after prolonged exposure to high temperatures. It often occurs in people who are also dehydrated, causing the body’s temperature regulation system to fail. Someone with heat stroke has a core body temperature of at least 105 F, along with symptoms related to the central nervous system. Workers at risk of heat stress [...]

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