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We have handled many different types of cases outside of cycling accident claims. The following cases are only some of our most recent cycling accident settlements. Results vary based on multiple different factors.

$3 million-Settlement

2017 Cyclist Rear-Ended Significant Injuries to head and spine. Currently cyclist is now riding a peloton stationary bike and on her way to recovery!


2017 Cyclist Rear-Ended minor back injuries, multiple contusions and road rash.


2017 Cyclist side swiped by truck resulting in fractured ankle and minor concussion.

$50,000 Policy Limits-Settlement

2016 Cyclist hit while elderly man backed out of his drive way. Police put our client 100% at fault, we were able to reverse the police decision and settle the case for full value.


Cyclist hit while attempting to go straight by car making a right. Police put our client 100% at fault. We were able to reversed the police decision and get 100% of the value of our clients case.


2016 Cyclist was hit while crossing an intersection causing minor injuries. Police put our client at fault. We were able to get the police decision reversed and don’t 100% of the value of our clients case.

$250,000 Policy Limits-Settlement

2014 Prominent Cycling coach involved in an automobile accident while driving down the freeway. Our client suffered multiple disc bulges and severe headaches after the accident. Due to limited funds on behalf of the person who caused the accident we were able to go against the clients uninsured motorist policy and secure the entire policy limits.

$100,000 Policy Limits-Settlement

2015 Cyclist was hit when a car made a lefthand turn in front of him causing significant injury. We were able to successfully negotiate his claim within three months of the accident to maximize the net amount of cyclist settlement.


2016 Runner was hit while running in the bike lane by a driver that was under the influence. Runner suffered broken ribs. We were able to guide the client to the right specialist to get better and secure settlement for him and his wife.


2016 Cyclist hit while making a left-hand turn out of parking lot. Our client suffered minor injuries and treated conservatively for three months. We were able to settle this clients case within five months of his accident without having to litigate.



Our team of experts examines an accident from the cyclist’s point of view. Our insider knowledge gives us the power to obtain all the facts and make sure you and your family are fairly compensated for medical bills, lost income, bike damage, pain and suffering. Call us today at 866-800-9399 for a free evaluation.