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There were sixty-two fatalities from bicycling accidents in 2017 in Southern California and so you can imagine how many non-fatal cycling accidents occurred in the same time span. If you’ve suffered an injury while riding your bike you may be facing surgery and big bills that you can’t afford to pay out of pocket. The police may even have made a decision that you are at fault and you may not even realize you have rights as a cyclist. The biggest goal for cyclists is to get back on your bike and start riding again. We can help! Whether you’ve been hit by a carelessly opened door, launched into the air when your tire slipped into an unsafe grate, knocked off your bike because a vehicle hit you, or even injured in a race or event where the race promoter was negligent, it is important you know your bicycling rights and get representation from a true cycling injury law firm. We pride ourselves in understanding every aspect of cycling injury cases, so that you can get the compensation you deserve and back to what you love doing… Riding.

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Our team of experts examines an accident from the cyclist’s point of view. Our insider knowledge gives us the power to obtain all the facts and make sure you and your family are fairly compensated for medical bills, lost income, bike damage, pain and suffering.

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