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Retirees Get Back on Their Bikes

This informative article published by The Wall Street Journal express that even more older people are taking up biking.

Often after decades away from a sport they once loved. In a recent poll, some 20% of people age 50 and older say they’ve ridden a bike in the past year, up from 16% in 2011, according to AARP.

The big selling point for older cyclists is that cycling is extremely low impact on aging joins and weak knees. As diabetes or heart disease may set in for some, cycling is a non threatening activity that can be enjoyed leisurely.

Others are attracted by the appeal, or challenge, of organized cycling trips—Still others take up biking again as a way of reclaiming lost youth.

According to the National Household Travel Survey, conducted by the Federal Highway Administration, recreational biking among Americans over 50 jumped 62% between 2001 and 2009, to an average of about 20 miles annually per person, compared with only a 22% increase in the general population.

Biking rates among people between the ages of 60 and 79 are soaring, an analysis of federal data shows. New trips by seniors account for 22 percent of the nation’s growth in adult biking. And because biking among children is actually falling, these seniors’ new trips are equivalent to more than a third of the overall gain in biking. –


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